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THRIVE with balance, confidence & health... minus the stress & struggle. 

I help high-achieving women physicians & professionals slow down, unwind unhelpful mindsets, beliefs, and habits and thrive in every arena of life. 

This allows us to:

1. Reclaim the freedom to BE more and DO less.


You'll learn exactly how to release stress as you allow relaxation, balance and empowered thriving to lead you in an authentic, loving way. 

If you're ready to stop overthinking, overworking, and overworrying - I can help you thrive instead.

Schedule your free consultation below so I can show you how my 6 month Stress Solutions program will help you simplify, unwind, and thrive with more time, energy, and space. 

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I've been

where you are. 

I know and understand how exhausting it can be to feel powerless to change our own lives and feel stuck in our day-to-day circumstances. I used to be exactly where you are - stuck in a cycle of perfectionism, people pleasing and non-stop activity to prove my worthiness. 

As a certified life coach and a physician, I've made it my mission to help everyone I work with release unnecessary stress and struggle and instead tap into your inner wisdom and peace (it's there in all of us, usually buried in the poop of the world and long-forgotten) and live instead from Love, trust, and confidence. 

There is profound peace and calm as you slow down to evaluate your habits with compassion and a lens of Love. You'll find freedom as you unpack, unwind and understand your goals and habits and re-route them from love-led knowing that is rooted firmly in awareness, acceptance and allowance. 

Reclaiming your emotional health is how we align your mind, body, and Self so you can thrive luxuriously and confidently achieve every goal you set. 

I have watched this mind-body reconnection process transform hundreds of lives over the last 10 years through coaching on mind-body connection and health. 

You CAN unwind the underlying stress that is permeating your life and free yourself from the behaviors and mindsets that are currently draining your energy and resolve and keeping you stuck. 

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"Sometimes you're not sure whether your issue is 'big enough' to be coached on and for me, that was people pleasing. It wasn't until Liz unravelled my thoughts and challenged my beliefs that I realised how much people pleasing impacted my life. In preparation for a weekend away with over 30 friends, I had a coaching session which totally transformed the way I showed up. Rather than worry about whether I should be the 'new me' or listen to my inner people pleaser, Liz helped me think about what I wanted; who do I want to be? A combination of her teaching and coaching gave me the tools to have a perfect weekend, which is the start of many more to come. I love Liz's coaching style and highly recommend her!"

Ashleigh Welch

Alison R

Even though being able to keep my weight stable during my pregnancy was a huge concern for me, she helps me find balance. I know how to track macros, count calories, and all the other diets. I have been on them. I have been successful with them too, but I no longer have the diet mentality. There are no longer good foods or bad foods, but there is a time and place for them. If I fell off my diet before, I would binge on anything I could see, but now food does not have that power over me. I feel more comfortable in my skin at 250 pounds then when I weighed 140 pounds prior to all of my health issues. Liz has taught me to be proud of my body and celebrate it.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

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