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Liz Rook

Hi, I'm Liz Rook

Founder of Thrive Arena Life Coaching


This is my Story




I'm a physician, coach, step-mom and wife, and I've been where you are - stressed out and feeling stuck and wondering, is this really as good as life gets?

I've been burnt out, frustrated, and overwhelmed by stress in the past. Despite having literally everything I ever wanted and worked for.

Stress and confusion and a healthy dose of overwhelm affected my health, relationships, my focus and robbed me of my joy. 

Being well-educated, high achieving and successful made me feel more pressured to do more and be more every day. 

Then I learned and integrated the 3 simple skills of awareness, allowance, and acceptance that I teach my patients and clients. These simple shifts allows us to embrace success and thrive in our career, health, and relationships - because they allow us to relax into trusting our own inner wisdom and deprogramming the outside voices of society, culture and the patriarchy who are constantly weaving lies (that we have unknowingly, unconsciously absorbed) about what women "should" do and be. 

My unique approach to slowing down and releasing old, unhelpful stories and ideas will free you from the pressure of always trying to do enough to relax and enjoy your life (because this paradox keeps us pushing forward and striving for more even when our bodies and brains are screaming for a break). 

You can have and design the life you are excited to wake up to every day.

Let me show you how to reclaim your joy and truly thrive. 


Discover what's possible as you slow down and thrive.

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