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A lullaby about working in medicine

life coaching mindset to thrive reclaim your brain slay stress stress solutions stress solutions coaching women in medicine Jan 17, 2022

With any career, your job can become a thing you blame, avoid and despise if it doesn’t fill your cup.

Especially with these last two years of upheaval, many women have found themselves burnt out, trying desperately to keep it together and find any relief.

It’s because we’re in survival mode. Studies have shown that women are stressing about balancing work and family life OVER 15% MORE than their male colleagues. 

When our emotions are intense and overpowering, our creativity and rational thinking is low. So that overwhelm and dullness you feel when you attempt to access your intelligent, rational, logical brain at work or at home? Totally not imagining it - you can't access it as quickly or efficiently when your stress level is 11 out of 10!

When you’re feeling this burnout, there are simple ways to reconnect, recharge, and relax:

1. Reconnect to you.

The job and family can wait.

Go outside, breathe deeply, feel how ok and perfect you are RIGHT NOW.

Give your brain a loving shhhhhhhh when it tries you tell you there’s no time for this moment.

Your brain is a lying liar anyway.

2. Recharge by finding things you enjoy. Play, laugh, talk, sit. Be present. Put responsibility to the side and focus on the moment.

3. Relax by getting sleep in. Winding down, unplugging. The world will not stop without your input for 7-8 hours.

4. Connect to others -reach out for help. Breathe in and out and feel how loved you really are.

You can do this my friend. It's so much easier and faster when you have an experienced guide. Teaching women like you how to slay their stress permanently in 12 weeks is my specialty. There's some focused work involved but we have fun along the way and you FEEL BETTER right away. What's not to love? Click here to schedule your free consultation with me to get started and create your path to reclaiming your brain and your Joyful Life.  

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