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Is your self-care holding you back?

life coaching mindset to thrive self-care stress solutions coaching women in medicine Jan 17, 2022

Let’s talk about self care (anyone else hearing the "Let's Talk about Sex baby" song in the background? no, just me? Okay cool....).

People think of self-care as fun, caring, light and fluffy.

True self-care is not all bubble baths and massages though, my friend, and I’ve been led astray for years. Have you been too?

Spoiling yourself with kindness can be a part of it but the true magic of self-care is actually growing in a way that gives you more love and life.

It looks like this:

🌿 Holding space to love yourself on the days when you just wish everyone and everything would GO AWAY because you’re about 10 seconds away from losing your ish.

🌿 Forgiving yourself and apologizing when you lose your temper at that next person who comes at you at “the wrong time”.

🪴 Growing through your frustration, boredom, self-criticism and fear with unconditional love already inside you, just waiting to be accessed.

🪴 Developing emotional resilience so we move toward discomfort instead of avoiding it.

THIS is how we grow.

It’s how we heal from what we thought was “normal” growing up.

This is how we expand to share the love that we are at our core.

It’s simple, but not always easy.

Nature is my muse

🌺 Growth type self-care is also how we let go of overeating, over drinking, working too much, basically anything we’re doing to distract ourselves from the discomfort.

And that discomfort you feel underneath?

It’s a signal telling you to pause, reflect, learn and grow.

When you incorporate discomfort tolerance into your daily routine, you grow faster and more lovingly until you’re blooming with love every day.

The goal of self care preached by society is indulgence, avoidance, and hiding to get relief.

Instead, try a focus of acceptance, presence, and reconnecting with your true self: the love that you are.

When your cup is filled, it’s easier to share generously with others, whether that’s time, money, or love. And we all know that love makes the world go round.

I want to challenge you to see where you can grow with love to bloom a little more this week. You can do this! 

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