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Podcast Episode 10: Success isn't enough

life coaching reclaim your brain redefining enough self concept slay stress stress reduction stress reduction coaching success in 2022 worthiness Jan 04, 2022

Stop lying to yourself that you’re not enough sister.


This week on the podcast, I’m redefining success for 2022. I’ve decided that success = love in my book. Love for myself and others. 

Sounds simple, right?


Well, if you’ve been drinking the societal and cultural kool-aid, you know that success = achievements for women, especially professional women, especially high achieving women like you and me. 


And we’re trained to keep going, keep producing, keep smiling, keep saying “yes” even when our brains are screaming “no” and our bodies start to show us how stressed out we are regardless of how long we ignore it.


Because if we stop? We might not be “enough”. And this one word is poison to us. Whether or not we admit it, it keeps us moving, keeps us spiraling, keeps us in a constant state of stress. 


My word for 2021 was belief. I talk about this how this word changed me permanently in 2021. I achieved goals I thought were still years in the future. 


I learned all about my thought errors regarding my enoughness and well, it’s a great episode if you’ve ever struggled with the concept that you are always moving toward “enough” but never quite reaching it. 


You’ll learn how to redefine “enough” for yourself to be successful now and in the future AND how this decreases your stress along the way.


If you can’t slow down because the world might end if you don’t keep up with work, care for the kids (with a smile and never cranky or yelling) and give your husband a list and plan everything ahead of time, this episode is for you.


You are not alone, and there is a way to get off this stress train before it leaves the station again. 


To listen, download Reclaim Your Brain on your favorite podcast app (or click the blue link). 

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