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When fear holds us back

fear life coaching reclaim your brain stop suffering success in 2022 Jan 17, 2022

Fear is the only thing that holds us back.

I wanted to run this morning.
I’ve been wanting to run for months but the pain I have in my ankles and feet has been holding me back.
I’m afraid it will get worse.
I’m afraid I’ll injure myself so badly I’ll never be able to run again.
It’s not a totally irrational fear.

There have been 2 times previously when I injured myself and didn’t think I was ever going to be able to run.

I realized despite the fear, I have proved myself wrong in the past, I have run again.
And so I took this morning as an exercise in courage.

I jogged 2 miles without stopping and I’m dang pleased with it & myself.

In the past I would’ve just thought about it and not done it, but I’m committed to practice pushing myself past my self perceived limits physical and emotionally.

Anything I perceive as uncomfortable, I’m practicing running towards instead of away from it, both literally & figuratively.

What are you telling yourself is not possible for you that if you just pushed on it, just a little, you might be able to surprise yourself and move into and through it?

I invite you to lean in to the wall-o-fear and see how it just might fall over.

p.s. I define courage as feeling fear and doing the dang thing anyway.

Build your courage, build your dreams. You’ve got this!

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