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You can do this too

Jan 17, 2022

I go to a gym where the goal is not to compete but you grow from where you are.

I do some of my best thinking, upside down

We’re only ever competing against ourselves and we’re not pushed to do more and be more, we’re only ever encouraged to keep going and find our own inner strength.

I do this with my patients, as their autoimmune diseases cause disruption in their body and parts of themselves are attacking their organs: I encourage them to define and find their best health despite this disruption in their health balance.

My goal is to increase the knowledge and awareness in all people in any health so you absolutely know that you can grow in your health.

It’s always harder when you’re fighting against yourself, the solution is love and acceptance.

I teach people how to be kind and loving and excepting of who they are and where they are right now and grow from there to overcome overeating, heal emotional wounds, let go of struggle and deprivation and stress and to grow into the healthiest version of themselves.

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