Episode 25: Finding Happiness with Money with Dr Elisa Chiang

Do your beliefs about money hold you back or propel you forward? Today we’re discussing stress, burnout, how the pandemic affected our financial security and perceptions while working in medicine/healthcare and what you can do to find and create more happiness no matter what your income is. Join us for this delightfully educational and entertaining conversation with Dr Elisa Chiang, ophthalmologist and money coach and founder of growyourwealthymindset.com The CME experience for this Podcast is powered by CMEfy - click here to reflect and unlock credits & more: https://earnc.me/8yFOWQ Free Guide to Slash your Stress in 5 minutes or less: https://www.thrivearena.com/opt-in GUEST PODCASTER: Dr Elisa Chiang https://www.growyourwealthymindset.com/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/GrowYourWealthyMindset Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ElisaChiang https://www.facebook.com/GrowYourWealthyMindset YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/WealthyMindsetMD Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/elizabeth-chiang-0582a432